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the modern woman

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Hello there!  I’m Yvonne.  Someone once said to me, “Celebrate the life that you are having right now, not the one you could have had”. It has remained in my heart ever since, and I have learnt so much about life since then. Life really is a celebration, and the MODERN WOMAN knows this. Like you and me, she is the everyday woman. She may be single, or not, she may be a career woman or a homemaker, she may be any age, she lives among us…


… even without OTT make-up and that elaborate dress.  She knows that her beauty is in her mind.  She is comfortable in her own skin.  Her every wrinkle, every crease, every freckle, every stretch mark, is each proof of a little bit of wisdom she has learned through the years. 



… not because she feels she is better than others, but because she no longer sees the need to compete and compare with others.



… she loves herself more than she loves anyone else, because she knows that she can only give others what she already has.  

… she is not afraid to be her true self, because she knows that that is the best way to love herself.  

… she understands that loving herself and living the best version of herself, is the best way to love her dear ones; they deserve absolutely nothing less.  

… her love is uncompromising, but is reserved only for those who are worthy of it.

… she knows that life is about love as much as it is about being a warrior; she fights fierce fights for values she holds so dearly and people she loves so deeply.



… she knows she is powerful, and her power comes from within her mind.  She wants to celebrate the lover and warrior in her.


SHE IS COOL! And SHE is YOU, the Modern Woman who wants to be true to yourself and be free from being perfect, cos hey, life is too short to worry about being perfect.


Celebrations do not have to be loud, there need not be guests, there need not be loud music. My version of celebration of YOU is a series of exquisite images showing your true character, the beauty from within your mind and outside. NOW is the time to celebrate YOU, let my camera lens capture your beauty and greatness!

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