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Warrior of Life - Giselle

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Giselle had the life to be envied. She is intelligent, she had a very successful career at a senior position in finance, she owns a beautiful flat, she has great friends and a loving family. However reality struck when she was diagnosed with cancer.

To many, this is enough to blow the bubble of a wonderful life like the one Giselle was living. However, for Giselle, it was a wake-up call. While going through medical treatments, she started asking herself what life was to her. The treatments were not easy, Giselle fought a fierce battle and finally beat cancer. The more important battle, however, was the one that took place inside her mind.

Giselle has found her true calling, to help more people live a healthy chemical free life. In 2016, she founded her own organic skincare and health brand called GLOHS. Giselle is a life warrior worth celebrating.


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