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your modern woman photo experience

Hello beautiful,

Like what you’re seeing? Here is how it works: first, book a consultation with me, it can be in person or via online video meeting, I will provide any information that you need. You may then decide to reserve your photo session time slot for a session fee of HK$2,000. Once that's done, we will start your styling consultation to find out the lighting styles and outfits (or not, nude counts as one “outfit”) that suit you - rock&roll chic or lace romantic or zero-nonsense natural beauty or… you get what I mean. There are a few flexible ways to do this, by phone, whatsapp, email, in person, or a combination of these. We will have decided on up to 5 perfect looks for you, which is what we have time for at our photo session.  You will receive my prep-guide, providing tips of do's and don’ts prior to your session, so you’ll feel awesome and be ready to celebrate!

20180613 Joanna0773.jpg

Once you arrived at my studio on you photo session day, my awesome make-up artist will start doing her magic, it will take approximately 1 hour, and we will then start shooting.  I will guide and direct you in posing during our photoshoot.  The entire session will last about 4 hours including the time for make-up and a few light setting and outfit changes. Before you leave, we will fix the date and time for you to come back to my studio for a reveal presentation. We will pick a date about 2 weeks after your photo session date. I do not send my photo proofs out via the internet or on USB drives for viewing due to the sensitivity of the contents. Your reveal session is part of the MODERN WOMAN photo experience, and I guarantee you will not regret coming in person.

At your reveal presentation, I will show you a series of best images from your session. You will have a chance to decide which photo album collection and wall art to purchase and I will guide you in choosing images for them.  All puchases will be invoiced and paid for before you leave, so I can start production of your orders right away.


Included in the purchase price is my standard post production digital retouching. As a firm believer of natural beauty and positive body image, my standard retouching only takes care of temporary skin blemishes. If you would like me to do more, please make sure you let me know before you leave :).

Allow 8-10 weeks for Collection Album and Wall Art production. We will call you to come pick them up once they are ready.

Finally, my favourite moment will arrive - I will be asking you for your permission to share your photos on my internet media pages or as my in-studio print samples.  I care about your privacy, and I want to only share those photos you will be happy for me to show to the world! My approach is not an all-or-nothing approach, you will confirm your agreement for sharing on specified images, although I will be glad to receive your blanket approval :)

BOOK A CONSULTATION NOW to start your MODERN WOMAN photo experience!

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