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about yvonne

To me, life is an infinite game, I am my own sole opponent. I strive endlessly to learn and to live the best version of myself. I am a firm believer of living a life without regrets. I believe every woman is great by nature in her own way. Our modern society puts excessive pressure on us to be successful in a specified way (beautiful and wealthy on the outside, intelligent on the inside). I had followed that recipe of "success" for most of my life, I crashed and burned, in work, in love, and in family.  Then a liberating aha moment came 10 years ago. Now I find beauty and grace in everyone I meet, not on the outside, but from within their minds. Through my camera lens, I show them their own beauty inside. As a mother and a wife now, I aspire to be a MODERN WOMAN, who is not afraid to live as my true self. I only live once, and I am going to live the best life I can ever live.


Winner of

The Portrait Masters Image Awards 2020

2020 Image Awards Logo - BLKBRONZE.png
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